Glass Ruyi Essential Oil Bottle Necklace(Green)
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Glass Ruyi Essential Oil Bottle Necklace(Green)


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Green colored glass bottle with an adjustable chain, providing convenient, comfortable, and multifunctional wear.

Bottle lid can be opened and dipped in essential oils with  cotton tip laid inside.

bottle is made of colored glass, same use as a fragrance pouch and decorated with a Ruyi and auspicious clouds patterns . Essential oil bottle takes the form of a vibrant, three-dimensional design.

Symbolism carries best wishes of warding off evil, safety and health. It is hoped that the bottle brings beautiful wishes for its keeper, that he or she receives signs of good fortune with a snatch of the hand, and be in the constant accompaniment of happiness and good things.


Brand: Chullery

Item Name: Glass Ruyi Essential Oil Bottle Necklace(Green)

Necklace Size: Cord  length 20.5 cm, with a 22 cm extension chain. 

Material: Gilt Silver,,Glass, Garnet.

Did a cloud just float by?

Actually, it’s a blush of good wishes from the edge of the sky!

People in earlier times always used clouds as symbols of good fortune and promotion, expressing their wishes for good fortune, festivities, happiness, and all the best and beautiful longings in life.

In modern times, auspicious clouds have been given a further, deeper meaning, as highlighted by the recent popular expression "Magic horses are floating clouds.”The expression, which evaluates everything in the world as really as light and permutable as clouds in the sky, expresses the open and generous mindset of today’s young people.

Blue colored glass bottle is handmade, carved little by little, polished and shaped. Though time-consuming, this method of production makes item unique.

On the necklace, icons of auspicious clouds signifying the wholesome wish “auspicious luck (rhyming with the Chinese word “cloud”) continues on and on” are woven.

Brand: Chullery

Item Name: Glass Ruyi Essential Oil Bottle Necklace(Green)

Necklace Size: Cord  length 20.5 cm, with a 22 cm extension chain. 

Material: Gilt Silver,,Glass, Garnet.

Item Maintenance Instructions:

  1. Do not collide or slide against other surfaces, in order to prevent scratching .
  2. Do not heat or cool the item.
  3. Avoid coming into contact with sulful and chlorine.
  4. Please wipe with soft cloth!