Skin Lifting Set
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Skin Lifting Set


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Stay Frozen in Time
The Best Anti-Aging Hand Care

The beautiful hands is a woman's second face.
So, do pamper the skin on your hands or your hands will give away your age!
Knowing your concerns, we've formulated a extraordinary hand salve.
Let your hands no longer betray your age!

Beauty secrets every woman must know!

The latest four-phase anti-aging technology turns back time on your skin and leaves your eye areas youthful, smooth, fresh and hydrated.
With a light texture, it sinks in fast and makes you shine at all times.

Keep your babies from the chemistry to have them play outside happily.

Special high-effect micro-guide massaging roller design is smooth, easy to push and absorb and won't feel sticky.
The ease of use in the outdoor activity to protect your skin.


“Skin Firming is equal to the youth!” 
Give your face a perfect contour.

As to the Golden Repair Period of after-surgery skin
☛  Provide the best care and repair to the skin 

The carefully selected organic Rosa damascene Flower water
☛ Effectively moisturizing the skin, oil controlling and minimizing pore

Precious Chondrus Crispus Extract
☛ Lift the skin and reduce the fine line

Smooth and firm your skin and lift up facial contour↗

※ There are no paraben alcohol, SLS, SLES, Dimethicone, mineral oil, EDTA, Petrolatum, chemical essence, taste masking agent , artificial color and fluorescent agent contained in our formula.
※  Pass SGS test, no heavy metal contained    ※No animal testing


Comfort Moisturizing Salve Size: 40ml

Anti-Aging Eye Cream Size: 20ml

Sesame skin oil Size: 10ml

For the babies, pregnant women and people suffered

Refining Lifting Mask Size: 30ml/1oz *5 per pack

For all skin types


As an anti-aging salve specially made for hands, soothing dry or peeling skin on hands instantly, helping minimize pores and reducing fine lines over time. 



Emily, as a nail artist, recommends it! 

"It's the best cuticle salve after a manicure! Highly recommend it to nail art lovers. Get silky and beautiful hands!



Tina, as a hairdresser, recommends it! 

"My work requires me to use water and shampoos a lot. This salve has helped heal my dry, rough and cracked hands and fingers. So, try this out! Bring your hands back to life, too!



Sharon, as a makeup artist, recommends it! 

"Apart from perfect makeup, I think it's important to have beautiful hands for women, too. So, it's a must to bring this salve with me when going out, especially when traveling abroad." 



Skin care products usually contain chemical ingredients that bring side effects. 

Our products only use the best and pure natural ingredients that won't burden the body and skin. 

Let's take a look at our organic ingredients certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).



Apart from certified organic ingredients, we also use natural and quality essential oils extracted from plants

Each essential oil comes with its unique benefits. 

Let's learn more about that. 



See the smiles of satisfaction? 

Give it a try! Beautiful and young-looking hands are yours!




Wrinkle-free Eye Cream is formulated for you to smooth fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes in four phases and makes you look young, fresh and radiant



Once you turn 25, is a smile a luxury to you? 

Worried about the aging will take your smiles away when you turn 25 and onwards?

Wrinkle-free Eye Cream acts as a shield against aging around the eye areas so your smiley eyes won't notice your age, but look attractive and radiant. 



The Four-Phase Anti-Aging Technology

✔ Freeze time and stop aging
✔ Instill anti-wrinkle and smoothing effects
✔ Lift fine lines and firm the skin
✔ Prevent wrinkles and stay young

Good-bye to all skin problems of eyes and not to worry about fine lines and age spots! 


We are very strict with the ingredients we use.

Let's see how awesome our ingredients are!



Worry about your age due to your skin at a party or when catching up with old friends? 

Wrinkle-free Eye Cream helps you to get rid of annoying skin conditions around your eyes so you will be confident for any social events. 



Worried your beautiful eye make up can't last long when dating, partying, working, travelling?

Use our Wrinkle-free Eye Cream to lasting your eye makeup so you don’t need to worry at any important moments! 



Let's get rid of oily skin around the eyes!

Take a look below! 



Great comments from Professional make-up artist and further recommended to celebrities.

It's light yet nourishing enough to make you look fresh and radiant all day. 



Our customers love it! 

It can help to solve all type of skin problems around the eyes over time.

It doesn't matter if you are a young lady or a mom, every woman must have one! 



Tap it in! Problems gone! Give it a try! 

Your eye areas will be smooth and supple, too!



Do you have the following concerns?

Eye makeup melts off? 

It has to do with dry skin so that the makeup can't last long.

Our eye cream can help it stay put and look fresh. 




We've heard you! 

The upgrading sesame skin oil has a carefully selected brand-new thickening glass bottle with great texture.

When having it with you, you can reassure your babies about playing outside. 



Sesame skin oil, formed as a shield, effectively protects all kinds of skin problems of dry, peeled, itchy and uncomfortable skin, etc. so that you can go out without fear. 

With the roller design sesame skin oil is easy to push and absorb and won't feel sticky.

The more ease of Use in large area for outdoor activity



Apply the sesame skin oil on before going out.

You won't feel itchy while doing the outdoor activity.

And remember to apply for every two hours so that you won't have a disappointed outdoor activity. 



As for our new version, we give our package a constructional design to create the safe and protective glass bottled skin oil so Xin friends can feel at ease on the process of send the bottle to your place. 




There is no special way to look young all you need is a firm and elastic skin. 

Refining Lifting Mask

Give your face a perfect contour. 



The high repairing mask that is for all skin type use, particularly for after surgery / sensitive skin and the fine line from aging skin.

Go deep into the skin to recuperate it and give the gentle and quick care. 



Just 15 minutes a day,

It can immediately condition your skin and create a firm and puff skin in natural way. 



The trio-structure design of the carefully selected fit and thin trio-structure silk mask is easy to adjust the facial position, make the brightening serum easy to permeate to the entire face as well as strengthen the absorption of skin. 



Long time searching and selected international certified natural ingredients.

All are from the plant-extracted precious essence so you can absolutely use it at ease. 



Our cosmetic products are Halal certified that meet the strict rules of Islamic law.

Learn more 



For users to learn more about our product ingredients, a product information file is established for each of our cosmetic products so that every user can feel at ease to use our products.

Learn more 


Comfort Moisturizing Salve Size: 40ml

Anti-Aging Eye Cream Size: 20ml

Sesame skin oil Size: 10ml

For the babies, pregnant women and people suffered

Refining Lifting Mask Size: 30ml/1oz *5 per pack

For all skin types

How to use:
1. After cleaning the face , take out he sheet mask and remove the white pearly layer
2. Place the green layer outwardly and fit the silk mask layer on the face shape
3. While applying on, please adjust the facial position in the lights of the mask, hold down the mask layer showed on the edge notch and finally tear off the green layer gently.
4. Leave for15-20 minutes and take it off
5. Gently massage till the serum absorbs

• For External Use Only.

• Expiration in 2 years.

• Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.