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Energetic Set


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►Sesame Ointment

With the mild ingredients our Cindora Sesame Ointment can be used by babies, pregnant women, and adults.

►Sesame Menthol Oil

Special high-effect micro-guide massaging roller design is smooth, easy to push and absorb and won’t feel sticky.
The ease of use in the summer outdoor activity to protect your skin.

►Sesame Acnes Gel

It takes care of the acne skin in all direction and can effectively reduce the growth cycle of the acnes and take care of all the problems of the acnes.Anti-acne becomes so easy!

►Wrinkle-Free Eye Cream

The latest four-phase anti-aging technology turns back time on your skin and leaves your eye areas youthful, smooth, fresh and hydrated.
With a light texture, it sinks in fast and makes you shine at all times.

►Hydrating Brightening Mask

As to the Golden Repair Period of after-surgery skin
☛  Provide the best care and repair to the skin


Sesame Ointment Size: 20g

Sesame Menthol Oil Size: 10ml

Sesame Acnes Gel Size: 10g

Wrinkle-Free Eye Cream Size: 20ml

Hydrating Brightening Mask Size: 30ml/1oz *5 per pack

The classic of Cindora Skincare Nursing Series Cindora Sesame Ointment
The product you can count on for your family skin problems! 
The updating package to make a better use of Xin friends.



Cindora Sesame Ointment can quickly sooth all kinds of skin discomforts . 
No matter you feel itchy in the face, hands and feet, just apply our Cindora Sesame Ointment on and you can feel its healing power



Parents often worry about their baby's diaper rashes. 
Our Cindora Sesame Ointment can help relieve your baby's discomforts resulted from the diaper rashes
Just apply a thin layer of ointment on the diaper where you want to have it covered in advance.
In this way, your baby's discomfort resulted from skin friction and stifling heat can be greatly reduced.
Happy baby, parents at ease. 



Apply a thin layer of Cindora Sesame Ointment on in advance so that the itch won't come to you in the outdoor activity.
Remember to reapply it again for every 2 hours
In this way, you can go to recreation activity beautifully and return home happily without disappointment! 


The package of our new Cindora Sesame Ointment has special constructional design
Not only keep Cindora Sesame Ointment safe, it also introduces the spatula to make it easier to apply on.
Xin friends can feel at ease on the process of sending the bottle to your place and on the usage. 


Having all kinds of precious plant extracts with the traditional method-made mild Chinese herbal ingredients.
With the selection of the best materials it can truly withstand the test of time. 



We've heard you! 

The upgrading sesame menthol oil has a carefully selected brand-new thickening glass bottle with great texture.

When having it with you in summer, you can enjoy the exercise and recreation activities all day. 



Sesame menthol oil, formed as a shield, effectively protects all kinds of skin problems of the pain, red, itchy and uncomfortable skin and long-hour standing, etc. so that you can go out without fear. 



With the roller design sesame skin oil is easy to push and absorb and won't feel sticky.

The more ease of use in large area for outdoor activity



High-purity aromatherapy essential oil-contained sesame menthol oil can go deep into the skin to relieve the stress caused by the exercise and make you love to exercise every day. 



Apart from the essential oil, it also has the ingredient of premium Extra Virgin Black Sesame Oil

Its precious nutrition is the best natural ingredient for repairing the skin. 



As for our new version, we give our package a constructional design to create the safe and protective glass bottled skin oil so Xin friends can feel at ease on the process of send the bottle to your place. 




We've heard you, so this summer we've released the 4th product of Cindora Skincare Nursing Series, the solution of the acne, the Sesame Acnes Gel.  

It contains the typical formula of the sesame ointment with the superb anti-acne ingredients, and no need to work on anti-acne from now on. 



Having the annoying acne tarda

We are here to solve your face problems.



What!  Everything can be taken care of from the acnes to acne scar.

Let's learn how to do it! 



The elegant packagewith special constructional design can protect Sesame Acnes Gel from hurt so Xin friends can feel at ease on the process of send the bottle to your place. 



Wrinkle-free Eye Cream is formulated for you to smooth fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes in four phases andmakes you look young, fresh and radiant



Once you turn 25, is a smile a luxury to you? 

Worried about the aging will take your smiles away when you turn 25 and onwards?

Wrinkle-free Eye Cream acts as a shield against aging around the eye areas so your smiley eyes won't notice your age, but look attractive and radiant. 



The Four-Phase Anti-Aging Technology

✔ Freeze time and stop aging
✔ Instill anti-wrinkle and smoothing effects
✔ Lift fine lines and firm the skin
✔ Prevent wrinkles and stay young

Good-bye to all skin problems of eyes and not to worry about fine lines and age spots! 


We are very strict with the ingredients we use.

Let's see how awesome our ingredients are!



What the After-surgery skincare need the most is moisture and repairing.

Organic chamomile hydrating brightening Mask can give you golden repair care

Take care of your smooth skin with the reliable herbaceous ingredient to create a better skin condition. 



The high repairing mask that is for all skin type use, particularly for after surgery / sensitive skin and dry skin with the gentle and efficient care.

The essential oils and harmful chemical ingredients are not included, even pregnant women can use it. 



Just 15 minutes a day,

you can recuperate your skin condition right away and give your skin a better look. 



The trio-structure design of the carefully selected fit and thin trio-structure silk mask is easy to adjust the facial position, make the brightening serum easy to permeate to the entire face as well as strengthen the absorption of skin. 



Long time searching and selected international certified natural ingredients.

All are from the plant-extracted precious essential oil.

You can absolute use it at ease. 



Our cosmetic products are Halal certified that meet the strict rules of Islamic law.

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For users to learn more about our product ingredients, a product information file is established for each of our cosmetic products so that every user can feel at ease to use our products.

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Sesame Ointment Size: 20g

Sesame Menthol Oil Size: 10ml

Sesame Acnes Gel Size: 10g

Wrinkle-Free Eye Cream Size: 20ml

Hydrating Brightening Mask Size: 30ml/1oz *5 per pack

• For External Use Only.

• Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.